​PHYSICIANS KNOW that people with fewer resources have poorer health. For example, people in the lowest quintile socio-economic group are twice as likely to be hospitalized for mental health and ambulatory care services and three times more prone to hospitalization for COPD and diabetes than those in the highest quintile group.

But what can a Doctor do?

EmbedSDH.ca was designed for busy Family Physicians, by busy Family Physicians. It provides enough information for you and your colleagues to confidently bring physician leadership to this work, without overwhelming you with detail.

EmbedSDH.ca also provides highly detailed information on leading practices in Social Determinants of Health (SDH), primarily for the use of the Primary Care Network (PCN) Change Support Staff, available to support your efforts.

To the extent you are interested, you may want to review these more detailed materials. They are extensive, but please know that this is not a journey you will travel alone. Step-by-step implementation, over time and with support, will result in a more fulfilling practice for you and better care for your patients.

Contact us now for more information on supports available to help you embark on, or continue this journey PCN Change Support Staff in your community, and the new team members you will gain as a result of the implementation of the PCN, will be part of every step of this journey. These change management resources enable you to bring physician leadership to these ideas, without taking attention away from the ever-present clinical requirements of your busy practice.